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The working principle of the mobile power supply

date:2013-10-26  Hits:2838

Mobile power is a collection of storage, booster, charging management in the integration of portable devices. Store the dielectric generally USES lithium batteries, batteries as lithium electricity volume is relatively small, large capacity, wide market circulation, price moderate, is widely used in digital products. The voltage between 2.7 4.2 V lithium electricity, voltage falls with the battery. And 2.7 4.2 V voltage is not directly to other digital products charge, because the digital products of li-ion battery voltage is 2.7 4.2 V, with potential between the voltage is not charging. So mobile power source to the output power is must have the boost system, the 2.7-4.2 V li-ion battery voltage booster to 5 V, it can be used to recharge the other digital products, such as mobile phone, MP4, tablet PC, PSP, etc.
Mobile power is not a one-time equipment, of course, it can be repeatedly used hundreds of times more. So when the mobile power supply after the electricity use, we need to recharge mobile power supply. The principle and charge their phone. Connected to 5 v USB PC interface or USB charger to recharge mobile power supply. So mobile power must also have internal charging management system. Can according to the voltage of lithium electricity charging management system, automatically adjust the charging current. Process are: prefi lled, constant voltage charging, and floating charge, etc. The following part is introduced next.