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Mobile power development

date:2013-10-26  Hits:2692

With the rapid development of global economy, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, portable electronic products is also more and more, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras, portable DVD, PDA, MP3, MP4, GPS, thermal equipment, health care equipment, etc.
They will use the battery, but the devices of the original is because the battery capacity is low and cannot meet the long time use of the equipment. When on a business trip or travel peak is the work of this equipment, often at a crucial moment battery without electricity, especially in the mobile phone is on the phone, digital camera is photographed, PSP game play is excited, and so on PDA are working, let you feel very helpless and helpless. And you can't put each device with a backup battery, not only high cost but also inconvenient. Based on this, in order to solve the problem of people of this kind of trouble, mobile power arises at the historic moment.
With mobile power supply can solve the problem of many mobile devices of power supply, so as to thoroughly solve the power shortage, make the work and travel carefree. On the market some products with high capacity and single machine capacity is 2800 mah to 20000 mah, intelligent power indication, generally using polymer lithium ion batteries, widely used for 5 v devices.
The security of mobile power supply is another issue has been brought to the attention people, however, in the case of market desultorily unsafe factors of mobile power supply is also more and more. Mobile power supply must have: short circuit, over charge and discharge protection measures, such as, constant current, constant voltage shall also have the high performance power management technology.

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