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Batteries is introduced classification

date:2013-10-26  Hits:2735

With the popularity of all kinds of smart phone, tablet, more and more people have found that all kinds of digital products, especially the mobile phone's own power have been unable to meet our need for battery life in everyday use, and the emergence of the mobile power supply to a certain extent solved the problem, so to speak. So for those who have no contact with consumers of mobile power supply wide variety of mobile power how to choose?
Good power supply, the key also depends on batteries. The inside of the mobile power batteries are like car tank and transmission system, is responsible for the entire mobile power to provide a steady stream of power, directly determines the mobile power supply is good or bad. Mobile power supply circuit board can be as a control system, is mainly used to responsible for power distribution and transformation, will be provided by the lithium batteries (or higher) voltage of 3.7 V is converted into standard 5 V voltage (or higher), to be charging device to provide electricity.